Where do boudoir sessions take place?

 We hold boudoir sessions once a month in select private hotel suites in the DC/NoVA area that have proper lighting and space to create the style of intimate portraits that we are known for. Once a date is fully booked, we release the location info to all participants.


Who will be in the room with us?   

 The makeup artist and myself will be in the room while we are shooting.


I don’t like my tummy/chin/arms/ (insert any typical insecurity here)… you can Photoshop that, right?

Ok, I feel compelled to be honest and let you in on a secret that really shouldn’t be so secret… this question is a huge pet peeve of not just mine, but every professional photographer out there… USUALLY. Because usually, we are shooting a wedding or portrait session and already know that we will be spending lots of time editing for color, contrast, levels & curves, special effects, etc.. To add intense physical manipulation of a subject is usually torture a major disruption from the workflow, and sends our take-home pay plummeting down with every extra hour we have to work on someone’s images. HOWEVER!!!!!!! In boudoir photography, this question is tackled a bit differently. I am skilled in knowing what poses look best for your body type, and I love being able to accentuate all the positive features while de-emphasizing those features you don’t care for. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We all know that no one… I mean NO ONE… not you, not me, not Angelina Jolie (or Jennifer Aniston for those sweethearts out there!), ever can look magazine-quality finished without a little help from a professional digital artist. Whether it be skin smoothing to hide cellulite or a slight tuck of a little extra skin at the waist, every magazine image you see has been touched by a digital artist. Is it right? Maybe not, but until we tackle that insanely large social issue, I believe every woman has the right to the same treatment on their images as the Angelina’s of the world. Why should our partners be able to look at touched up images of supermodels but not touched up photos of us, right? Let’s level the playing field so to speak, lol. When I embarked on the boudoir journey, I made the choice to invest in a professional Digital Retouching Artist. When you have a Beau Boudoir session, your session fee includes this service on every image that will be in your final product. From cellulite-blasting to breast enhancement, she can do it all. So in answer to the question asked, “Yes, we can Photoshop that.”  ;-)


Who is working behind the scenes looking at pictures of me in my undies? I noticed your husband co-owns Swadley Studio with you…

Even though my handsome hubby works closely with me on our Swadley Studio clients, the Beau Boudoir division is my baby and is not accessible to anyone other than myself and the professionals that are assigned by me to perform certain tasks on those images (such as the Digital Retouching Artist or the Album Designer). I always make sure to take the utmost care in making sure those professionals are females who understand how important privacy is to the Beau Boudoir brand. You never have to worry about your images being scrutinized by a couple guys sitting around a computer (seriously, just the thought of that makes me feel all icky inside). Simply put:

We are PROFESSIONAL. We are CARING. We are WOMEN… and we LOVE giving other women the opportunity to see how BEAUTIFUL they are.