Hi there! My name is Lori Swadley, and I am the photographer for “Beau Boudoir”, the intimate women’s portraiture division of Swadley Studio. Thank you so much for checking out the exciting world of boudoir photography! I am the sole keeper of all the gorgeous images you see on this site, as well as countless others that are under tight lock and key that you will never ever see (insert evil laugh here)!

My clients love knowing that the only people that will ever view their images are females just like them (unless of course they give us permission to wow you with their beauty on our website!). From the Makeup Artist that uses the power of professional makeup and application techniques to show off the best your face has ever looked, to the Digital Retouching Artist who takes special care in giving your skin a smooth flawless look or fulfilling requests for nips/tucks/enhancements in a realistic manner, to the Album Designer who transforms your collection of images into a classy presentation of artwork displayed in a beautiful album that you will cherish forever… all these top-tier professionals will always be real women, just like you & me.

We are PROFESSIONAL. We are CARING. We are WOMEN… and we LOVE giving other women the opportunity to see how BEAUTIFUL they are.